have a good weekend

So there is a weekend that I have no plan, actually I have many things to do.

things about the wedding or the comming holiday traveling to Dubai.

maybe just have a dinner with my parent and my wife's parent.

the 3rd floor of their house is empty now, and her parent want to decorate the room so I, us could live there someday, before our house is decorated, there still has a long time to wait

"WAIT", before I went to the furniture market, I'm always waiting, waiting for the new life absolutely different from the life before, everything old will be left, everything will have a new define.

but things are not going as what you think, the design choose by my father is just boring.It's not bad,nerther good, just very very boring, maybe It's good with his life, home is just a sleeping place.But to me, Home is a place whenever I'm tired, sad, frustrated, crashed I can go back.I don't want my house to be another place that I don't want to back like the house now.It's not the living home, but just a house.

Anyway, my wife don't hate the style, so it just done.We just have a same idea that we should have a home living only her and me, so we could choose the style we like, choose everything we like, but when will the day comes, and whether do we have the energy to do these things.I'm just feel sorrow about me, but I think she must feel more bad, finding so many design,and get nothing back.

We have ordered the airplane and the hotel last month to Dubai.but there is still many things to do.The detail plan, what can we do there.

There are only 130+ days before the wedding.There are so many things need us to decide.There are so many choose need to be done.

A friend of my inviting me to his birthday party?But I can't give a yes.I just could not give a reply, weather go or not.So I refused, though I have not decided want to do this weekend, but I just refused my all friend.

Will it be a good weekend? I don't know, everything are not under control. Am I still on the stairway to heaven ?